Architecture Domains

An architecture domain provides a context for the management and control of various aspects of our overall enterprise architecture. We have identified the domains relevant to our organisation based on structural context (business, data, applications, technology, operations) and business context ( corporate, retail, wholesale)

The domains are in the table below. Selecting one of these domains restricts the assets displayed to the domain selected. If the enterprise domain is selected all assets will be displayed. Domains may overlap, for example, the data domain will include data from enterprise, corporate, retail and wholesale.  You will be allowed access to the domains and domain combinations that are identified in your security profile.



Item Name Details
01 Enterprise Applies to all elements of the enterprise.
02 Corporate Applies to our corporate division.
03 Retail Applies to our retail division
04 Wholesale Applies to our wholesale division.
05 Business Applies to business assets.
06 Data Applies to knowledge, information and data assets.
07 Application Applies to our software product, pattern and code assets.
08 Technology Applies to our compute and non-compute assets (including machines, buildings and facilities).
09 Operational Applies to the operational environments that manage and run our assets.


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