Skills And Training

We have defined a framework of skills, roles and training for our enterprise and solution architects that enables us to clearly understand our place within the organisation and how to develop our careers.

Item Name Details
01 Skills profile A standardised framework of 32 skills for enterprise and solution architects has been developed against which all of our architects are evaluated.
02 Training courses                               

A set of training and learning events that help our architects develop each combination of skill and level as they take on new roles and challenges and progress through their careers.

03 Architect skill levels

(Only accessible by the architect who owns the skill level document and the professional community leadership).
A skills claim profile for each architect that shows their skills and their overall skill levels. The overall numbers are used by our organisation for planning architect numbers and future areas of focus. The specific architect profile is used by each individual architect to capture the evidence of skills and experience and plan areas of focus for training and development.
04 Architect roles A set of expected roles for architects has been identified, described and related in a progression framework.

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