Here are links to examples of enterprise architecture in practice from generic and specific industry perspectives.

Item Name Details
01 MODAF The MOD Architecture Framework is a set of rules that support UK defence planning and change management activities derived from DoDAF.
The Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) is an architecture framework for the United States Department of Defense (DoD) that provides visualization infrastructure for specific stakeholders concerns through viewpoints organized by various views.
03 NAF The NATO Architecture Framework is an Enterprise Architecture framework by the NATO derived from the DoDAF Enterprise architecture.
04 ZACHMAN The Zachman Framework™ is not a methodology for creating the implementation (an instantiation) of the object. The Framework is the ontology for describing the Enterprise and the basis for architecture.

The common approach to US federal information architecture.
06 TMF Frameworx Originally a forum for the architecture and models supporting telecoms companies, It is now trying to broaden out to a wider focus on connecting digital eco systems. Frameworx provides an underlying architecture and model for integrating business and IT services.
07 Atlantic Systems Guild The members of the Atlantic Systems Guild practice, teach, and improve the fields of system requirements definition, team leadership, and project management.
08 OMG The mission of the Object Management Group (OMG) is to develop technology standards that provide real-world value.
09 Avancier

Graham Berrisford's view on architecture heavily layered around TOGAF and Archimate.
10 e-Gif

UK government standard for consistent architecture and meta data - deprecated in 2011.
11 Open Standards

UK government open standards replacing e-Gif
12 Information Architecture IBM article on information architecture for a new era of computing
13 Hewlett Packard New Wave Specification HP Journal from 1989 on new wave agent technologies. Great example of a complete architectural vision for a new generation of technology.
14 Oracle EA Framework

Oracle Info Architecture Framework
Oracle's Enterprise Architecture framework based on TOGAF
15 HP New Wave Part 1

HP New Wave Part 2
Vision videos to go with the New Wave vision (from YouTube). Good example of how to present a vision in terms of the capabilities in enables within an organisation rather than just the technology itself.
16 History of Architecture & Design Concepts
ACID vs BASE properties
AWS Modern Design
Serverless Computing
Principles of Modern Application Development
Software Architecture vs Software Design

Useful articles on Modern Design inc. - funcitonal programming, serverless computing, micro services, following the FANGS etc. Be carefull that these design approaches do not deal with all situations; there is a need for both optimistic and pessimistic approaches to design and risk.

17 Agile Manifesto The term "Agile" was applied to this collection of methodologies in early 2001 when 17 software development practitioners gathered in Snowbird, Utah to discuss their shared ideas and various approaches to software development.
18 Agile Alliance

Agile Alliance supports people who explore and apply Agile values, principles, and practices to make building software solutions more effective, humane, and sustainable.

19 Scaleable Agile Framework There is now a perspective that Agile and Enterprise Architecture need to be merged. SAFe is a good strating point for the ideas on this.
20 SOA Manifesto The SOA manifesto announced in 2009.
21 Open Group SOA Source Book The Open Group's perspective on SOA.
22 UML Home Page The Unified Modeling Language homepage on the OMG website.
23 Unified Process An overview of the Unified Method/Process.
24 Agile Unified Process The extended Unified Process integrating Agile.

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