TOGAF Document Templates

This is a list of the main example deliverable documents provided by the Open Group.

(Note 1: that all of the documents are password protected. General users can view this page and the list but only authorised users can view the documents held within the repository.)

ADM Phase ADM Phase Name Deliverable
- Preliminary Architecture principles
    Business principles, goals and drivers
Organisational model
Request for architecture work
A Architecture Vision Architecture vision
    Capability assessment
    Communications plan
    Statement of architecture work
B / C / D Business / Information Systems / Technology Architecture Architecture definition
    Architecture requirements specification
    Architecture roadmap
E Opportunities & Solutions Implementation and migration plan
    Transition architecture
F Migration Planning Architecture contract with business users
    Architecture contract with business partners
    Implementation and migration plan
G Implementation Governance Compliance assessment
    Implementation governance model
Solution building blocks
H Architecture Change Management Requirements impact assessment
    Architecture change request
- Cross ADM View Deliverables and examples catalogue
    Sample catalogues, matrices and diagrams

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